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Last Minute Suggestion -2013

March 10, 2013 31 comments

For Section A, study theory well and practice operators and java statements well.

For Section B, you must know:

1. questions on slab rate like the taximeter one f 2012 paper

2. String manipulations- for  this study string and character functions well and must know how to extract a word from the given sentence

3. Single Dimensional Arrays – taking inputs in an array, printing array, summing array elements, ┬ásearching, sorting, working on two corresponding arrays,etc

4. function overloading with menu-driven programs

5. constructor overloading with object creation for both parameterized and non-parameterized constructor

6. pattern programs

7 series programs

Maintain cool, read the questions carefully understanding them well, make the correct choice, time your answers, think before writing and revise.

All the best for your exam.


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